Firstly please come to Dojo to see and try!

You are recommended to come to our Dojo to see the training.
You may have Iai experience as well.
After you decide which Dojo you want to visit, please fill in an application from
the Application Page and transmit to us.
The Samurai experience program is also available for mainly foreigners at our Kanda Dojo.
You change to the training wear, then put Katana (long sword) and Wakizashi (short sword) to your belt.
You may learn how to draw a Katana and put it back to the sheath, how to cut such as vertical and angle cutting.
Also you may learn several Iai forms. This is two-hour fee training program. The price includes rental wear and Katanas.
If you want to participate in the Samurai experience, please send an email to the folloing
address, specifying when you want to come.

No need of experience of martial arts

Young, aged people, and women, even kids may enjoy Iai and Kenjutsu (combat forms)
because they don’t need much power and physical strength.
This is probably most different among other sports.
Don’t worry. Most of our members have never had experience of martial arts before.
Our members are office workers, IT specialists, housewives, doctors, designers, retired
people, students, etc.

Only training wear and Katana are needed for training.

In the training you usually wear training clothes and Hakama.
But, any wear would be acceptable in the training except official events such as seminars, Taikai, etc.
The official events require specific embroidery on the clothes and Hakama.
You may purchase the training clothes, Hakama, a belt, knee pads etc from anywhere,
e.g. Internet Shops or Budo shops in the streets.
You use Iai Katana which is fake, no blade. You have to buy strong one which is durable for Iai.
But, don’t worry. The teacher in the training place will give you the information.